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Specialty Products

KC Bacon - this bacon is an Egger’s original.  Uncle John got the idea for this bacon from a type of “German cottage bacon”, which is made from the pork shoulder.  We remove the bone and the outer layer of fat, to leave a nice lean piece of meat, which we then cure, and smoke in our smoke house.  Though it is copied by a few local super markets, you won’t find it anywhere else in the country, not even in Kansas City.

Smoked Shoulder Hocks - this is the bone removed from the KC Bacon. We leave a lot of meat and trim off the fat.  Then they are cured and double smoked to give your soups, beans, and stews that rich smoky flavor you want, without all the fat and gristle you don’t want.

Smoked Sausage- home-made smoked German sausage.  Extra lean beef and pork go into this popular spicy smoked link.  Great simmered in beer or sauerkraut.

Beef Jerky- extra lean and extra good.  Made from lean slices of top round, soaked in our famous extra sticky and garlicky sweet brine.   Then, slow smoked in hickory and alder to give it that ever-so-good flavor that will keep you coming for more.

Pepperoni - nice lean ground beef and pork goes into this spicy stick.  A great snack for on the road, camping, or in front of the TV.  Just make sure you have plenty to drink, these sticks are spicy.

Beef Sticks - these are a smoky no-heat version of our pepperoni, good and lean.  These sticks were a mistake a few years back (I forgot to add the heat.), but have since come to rival the pepperoni. Great for kids and those who don’t like hotter foods.

Updated:  04 Feburay, 2021
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